Church Law Society

Společnost pro církevní právo, z. s.Societas Iuris Canonici


Last Update:  11th January 2023

The Church Law Society, z. s. is a registered association, founded in 1994 at the School of Law of Charles University in Prague. The aim of the Society is to support study and research in the fields of church law, religion law, legal history of churches and related branches of law.

The Society consists of the Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Stribro/Mies and České Budějovice/Budweis local groups.

The Society has 541 members (1st January 2023). It is a collective member of the Czech Christian Academy, registered association (1995), and a member of the Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic (2014). The Society fulfils the role of the legal section of the Czech Christian Academy.

The Society consists of students, teachers, scholars, lawyers from various fields of practice, employees of spiritual administration of various churches and those interested in various professions. It is built on the principle of respect and friendly relations with churches and other religious communities. Membership in the Society is not dependent on affiliation to a church or any other religious community.

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The Church Law Review won the first place in 2003, the second place in 2014 and the third place in 2017 in the competition on the best specialized legal journal published in the Czech Republic organized by the Society of German, Czech, Slovak and Austrian lawyers of the Karlovy Vary Days of Law.

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