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Společnost pro církevní právo, z. s.Societas Iuris Canonici


online Church Law Society Newsletter Prague-Brno-Olomouc-Stříbro

Online periodical supplemented with photos published in the Czech language from 1st January 2014, twice a month (24 times a year). It provides the latest news from the field of church law and religion law for its Czech and Slovak readers. ISSN 2695-0111. Editor-in-Chief: P. Jiří Rajmund Tretera OP. Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Záboj Horák. Editorial board: Jan Beránek, Vojtěch Círus, Tomáš Grundza, Jakub Nagy, Marek Novák.

All issues from 2014 until present are available on the Czech version of this website.

This is a different periodical from the Newsletter for the English speaking members and friends of the Church Law Society Prague-Brno-Olomouc-Stříbro.